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Chiropractic Economics Reviews Colossus: What Every Physician Needs to Know

Book Review by Chiropractic Economics:

Colossus: What Every Physician Needs to Know
by Aaron DeShaw, DC, JD. Loose leaf, 465 pages.

According to the author, approximately 70 percent of auto injuries are evaluated by computer assessment software. The best known assessment software is known as Colossus.

DeShaw, who is a chiropractor as well as an attorney, wrote the book to help physicians properly document personal injury cases. He hammers home the fact that the computer can only analyze the information that is provided to it through the physician’s documentation. The book provides a list of the companies using the assessment programs, a list of the factors used by the programs to determine case value and step-by-step procedures on writing narrative reports formatted for computer-assessment software.

For more on Aaron DeShaw's Colossus products see his author page.

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