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Finding Hidden Injuries in "Soft Tissue" Cases

We are proud to release a new CLE video by Aaron DeShaw: a doctor, a lawyer, author of Colossus: What Every Trial Lawyers Needs to Know, and a leading speaker on traumatic brain injuries.

In the Traumatic Injuries DVD, Dr. Deshaw lectures on traumatic brain injuries, inner ear injuries (perilymph fistulas, endolymph hydrops, BPPV), C1 ligament injuries, and Alar and Transverse ligament damages, and how what seems like a simple neck injury can lead to severe symptoms such as blindness or death. With a discussion of advanced medical imaging, DeShaw teaches you to identify hidden and/or obscure symptoms, how doctors diagnose and treat them, and how to ensure injured clients are fully compensated by the insurance companies for their actual injuries.

Traumatic Injuries teaches you how to find facts that can reveal the full extent of injuries in your clients. Dr. Deshaw uniquely bridges the gap between doctors and plaintiff attorneys to help the attorney obtain the full, deserved treatment and compensation for their injuries.

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