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Lawyer Ken Allen Obtains a $20.8 Million Verdict Against Allstate Using From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves

We recently received the following lawyer success story using the information in From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves - How Allstate Changed Casualty Insurance in America.

“David Berardinelli's book From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves is an essential tool for any trial lawyer handling bad faith claims against Allstate. The book details how Allstate redesigned its claims handling process to offer policyholders a very simple choice: accept less than fair value for your claims or face a battery of lawyers and years of costly litigation.

David contends this “Good Hands or Boxing Gloves” approach has netted Allstate billions, and its tactics have undoubtedly influenced other carriers to follow in Allstate's bad faith path. The trouble is Allstate's approach flies in the face of the duty to act in good faith and promptly pay policyholders' claims in full.

From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves highlights how Allstate's “redesigned” approach to claims handling violates its duty of good faith and was useful in our trial preparation for Fields v. Allstate, a case resulting in a $20.8 million verdict against Allstate for bad faith.

This is definitely a book Allstate doesn't want you to read but one which I highly recommend!

Kenneth J. Allen"

For more on Allstate's impact on the handling of insurance claims in America, please read From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves: How Allstate Changed Casualty Insurance in America.]

Click here for an article in the Northwest Indiana Times on Kenneth Allen's case.

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