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New Trial Guides Site to Provide Education for Personal Injury Doctors

When Trial Guides started in 2001, its first product was a book on the Colossus bodily injury claim software, written for doctors treating people in personal injury cases.  In 2004, two separate books on Colossus by Doctor / Lawyer Aaron DeShaw were released; one for doctors and one for lawyers.  Our goal for doctors was to provide education for personal injury doctors on the topics not discussed elsewhere - providing an insiders view on how the insurance claim process worked, why doctors bills were rejected in PIP or MedPay, and why some patients got much lower settlement offers or were forced into trial.

In next two years, Trial Guides released products for both doctors and lawyers.  In 2006 with the release of the first edition of the landmark legal best seller Rules of the Road, Trial Guides had success after success in the legal profession.  We've been involved directly or indirectly with every important book published for the plaintiff bar since that time including titles such as David Ball on Damages, Polarizing the Case, Don't Eat the Bruises, Running with the Bulls, and many more.

In the past twenty years, Trial Guides has continued to release products for doctors.  Our customer base grew to over 10,000 doctors who treat people with personal injury cases.  But, with only one site, aimed only at lawyers, products aimed at personal injury doctors and their staff have gotten lost amongst over 450 products for lawyers. We also came to realize that many speakers and practice management consultants for doctors, have been using materials from our original books and educational videos since 2001, and selling it as their own because our original works had been missed by doctors.  The problem is that many of these speakers and consultants misunderstand or misrepresent our materials, providing doctors and their offices incorrect information that can hurt their practices rather than help.

We are correcting these issues today by launching a separate Trial Guides site for doctors. Given our twenty year history in this field, we launch the site with a wealth of education for personal injury doctors. 

Personal Injury Education for Doctors

Our videos such as Mastering Personal Injury Cases, covers everything from increasing your patient's settlement offers by correctly charting (based Aaron DeShaw's original research on Colossus, Claim Outcome Advisor / Liability Navigator and ClaimIQ), to the importance of charting and billing procedures due to insurance bill review programs (such as Mitchell DecisionPoint, Auto Injury Solutions, and others), to how to best handle "minor impact" cases, key concepts of the litigation process, and much more.  Another important resource for personal injury doctor education is Dr. Arthur Croft's Mastering Motor Vehicle Cases, in which Dr. Croft discusses a wide variety of topics pertaining to motor vehicle cases including; diagnosing mild traumatic brain injuries, classifying spinal sprain and strain injuries correctly, the research substantiating treatment based on injury severity, defense myths and how to disprove them, and much more.  The video also features Dr. Paul Ivancic of Yale Medical School's biomechanics lab.  Also included are a variety of webinars from leading doctors and lawyers on how to best serve your personal injury patients with topics ranging from: advances in medical imaging; treating and referring in a traumatic brain injury case; diagnosing less common injuries like upper cervical instability, post-traumatic visual system dysfunction, inner ear injuries, dysautonomias, CSF leaks; and more.

Personal Injury Collaboration for Doctors

If you want a forum to discuss these issues on a listserve, and access a document library pertaining to personal injury practice topics, we have the Trial Guides Personal Injury Doctor's Community, available only to doctors who treat personal injury cases full time.

Personal Injury Education for Doctors' Staff

We now have a series of webinars by retired doctor / trial lawyer Aaron DeShaw to train your staff on basics like human anatomy, spinal anatomy, as well as spinal injuries.  This helps your staff to improve the quality of care in your clinic.

Personal Injury Graphics for Doctors

We have over 100 world class injury illustrations by leading legal graphics company High Impact Graphics. These illustrations can be purchased once and used in your reports, or in your clinic for the rest of your career. (They cannot be used on your web site or in any digital marketing.)

Business Resources for Personal Injury Doctors

We have additionally added in a few books on business or marketing that while intended for lawyers, applies equally to a doctor's personal injury practice. These include products like You Can't Teach Vision, Digital Marketing for Lawyers, and more.  This will help you in everything from hiring the right staff members, to how you and your staff can oversee your clinic web site or how to hire the right agency to help you with your web site and social media marketing.

Personal Injury Education for Patients

We have additional products for your personal injury patients.  This includes The Lawsuit Guide, a book written by leading lawyers to explain the legal claim process and litigation process for people who have no background with a personal injury claim (or for those who have had a bad experience in the past).  Another popular Trial Guides book for the public (as well as law students and those within the insurance industry) is the public version of From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves.  This book explains the auto insurance industry and how low ball offers became standard practice in auto claims.  If you have a personal injury practice, both of these books can be purchased in bulk for patients, or for your waiting room.

Special Products Just for Doctors

The doctor site also allows us to distribute an important new documentary; The Aligned Athlete, that is not related in any way to the legal field.  While the product does not address the field of personal injury, it is a very important documentary for some of our customers in the chiropractic profession.  The filmmaker needed distribution for this important new documentary and they asked our help in distributing it to doctors and the athletic community.  We have set up an all new streaming service to make this possible, and can even bulk sell streaming rentals for patients coaches and athletes.

We look forward to improving and increasing meaningful conversations around how to best diagnose and treat people with traumatic injuries.  Thank you for your support as we increase our role in educating the physician community.

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