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Preparing Your Clients for Deposition

You know what to do in a deposition.

Answer only the questions asked.
Don't offer unnecessary information.
Tell the truth.
Be prepared.
Think before you speak.
Yet we have all watched clients destroy cases before our eyes in deposition. As a trial lawyer, you know what to expect, but does your client? In Preparing for Deposition, Karen Koehler, author of Litigating Minor Impact Soft Tissue Cases, instructs your client and witnesses on how to testify successfully. Through easy- to-understand and enjoyable-to-watch Do and Don't scenarios, Koehler guides your witness out of the pitfalls of a messy deposition.

The deposition preparation video is broken down into ten short, essential lessons that all of your witnesses need to know. Preparing for Deposition should be a staple in every attorney's office that you can play over and over again. Help your witnesses help you. Give them the tools to prepare for deposition.

Buy your copy of Preparing for Deposition now.

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