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Public Adjustor Reviews Public Version of From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves

The following is a review of Trial Guides' public version of "From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves: the Dark Side of Insurance" which is sold to non-lawyers exclusively through  The reviews are written by a public adjustor.  

For lawyers, we recommend the much more extensive From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves: How Allstate Changed Casualty Insurance in America text written for lawyers that addresses the insurance bad faith claims practices in much more detail, as well as additional chapters by Dr. Michael Freeman regarding Allstate's Minor Impact Soft Tissue or "MIST" defense.  The legal version of the book continues to be cited on the Allstate Wikipedia page as the authoritative source on Allstate's underpayment tactics and the McKinsey Documents.

Book Review by Public Adjustor Jonathan F. Sadick, SPPA

"One of the questions I’ve been routinely asked over the past quarter century as a public adjuster is some variation of, “Do I believe that insurance companies intentionally shortchange insureds?”

My diplomatic reply has generally been along the lines of, “Not necessarily, although insurance carriers look for ways to minimize claim payments, while the objective of my profession is to find ways to have them maximized.” After reading a review of David Berardinelli’s book, From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves, in BusinessWeek, I probably should revise response.

The article goes on to note that McKinsey has also performed work for Farmers Insurance Group,State Farm, USAA and Fireman’s Fund.

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