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Turner / CNN Interviews Trial Guides Authors on Allstate's Insurance Claim System

Trial Guides authors David Berardinelli and Aaron DeShaw are being interviewed by Turner Network for CNN and Money Magazine regarding Allstate Insurance's claim handling method called Claims Core Process Redesign ("CCPR").  

New Mexico lawyer, David Berardinelli, is the primary author of Trial Guides' upcoming book From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves. He is the first lawyer to obtain the "McKinsey Documents" created by McKinsey & Co. in their design of Allstate's CCPR claims handling method.  The new book details how McKinsey helped Allstate change from treating its policyholders with "Good Hands" to "Boxing Gloves" to increase Allstate executive bonuses and stock prices.

Aaron DeShaw, is an Oregon lawyer who is considered the leading author on Colossus, the bodily injury software system that Allstate implemented as part of CCPR.  Allstate uses Colossus to consistently undervalue bodily injury claims, including its own policyholder's claims. DeShaw's book Colossus: What Every Trial Lawyer Needs to Know was the first book published by Trial Guides in 2004, which exposed the concealed use of bodily injury software to underpay insurance claims.

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