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New York

If your live, classroom-format program is held outside of New York State, and it is accredited by a New York Approved Jurisdiction, members of the New York Bar may apply the CLE credit earned towards their New York CLE requirement, so long as they obtain the necessary documentation as outlined in section 6 of the Regulations and Guidelines. New York attorneys may claim credit for completion of nontraditional format programs (audiotape, videotape. online courses, etc.) only if they can provide proof of independent sponsor verification of their participation in the program along with the other required documentation.

An attorney claiming credit for an out-of-state course must retain the following documentation for a period of at least four (4) years:

EXPERIENCED ATTORNEYS (admitted to the New York Bar for more than two years)

  • proof of attendance from the course sponsor 
  • proof of accreditation by at least one of the New York Approved Jurisdictions listed above
  • proof that written course materials were made available
  • proof that the faculty included at least one attorney in good standing
  • for nontraditional-format courses (online, DVD, teleconference, etc.), proof of acceptable attendance verification


  • New York attorneys should save the approved jurisdiction page for the program they attended. (Found under the accreditation tab on the product page)
  • You should also retain the program agenda. 
  • You should also download and retain the following: interactivity detail

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