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The Aligned Athlete

The Aligned Athlete The Aligned Athlete
The Aligned Athlete The Aligned Athlete

The Aligned Athlete


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The Aligned Athlete is stunning new documentary about world class athletes, and how they achieve better performance with chiropractic care.  

The film looks back to the history of pioneers in track and field obtaining chiropractic care before their record breaking performances, and brings us forward to the profession’s involvement in treating gold medal winning Olympians. Before the 1970’s, chiropractic was a method of treatment unknown or misunderstood by the public and professional athletes. The profession was criticized and slandered as “quackery” by the medical profession.  The incorporation of chiropractic in sports, specifically in track and field, over the protests of medical doctors, changed the perception of Doctors of Chiropractic and chiropractic treatment.  Chiropractic is now a leading form of treatment for competitive athletes at every level.  As a non-drug and non-surgical treatment method, chiropractic care allows athletes to unleash their full potential against their competitors, and extend their careers.

The Aligned Athlete reveals how NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain’s sponsorship of women’s sports in the 1970s revolutionized health care in international sports.  The change started in the 1970s when Dr. LeRoy Perry, D.C. was consulted by La Jolla Women's Track Club coach Tracy Sundlun, and sponsored by Chamberlain.  The film follows Dr. Perry’s rapid ascent as a doctor of choice for Olympic athletes and celebrities, helping put chiropractic in the Olympic spotlight starting at the 1976 Olympics.

The increased demand for chiropractic at track and field competitions resulted in Dr. Richard Gorman, D.C. getting chiropractic into the biggest annual track and field meet in the world – Nike’s Prefontaine Classic. In 1985 when Prefontaine Meet Director Tom Jordan hired Dr. Gorman as a doctor at the event, it opened the door for chiropractic at track and field competitions across the world. “You go to the World Championships, the Olympic Games, there are chiropractors working there and it all started, I believe, with the Prefontaine Classic,” said Tom Jordan in his 35th year as the meet director. The film follows Dr. Gorman as he treats athletes at the Olympic trials and Olympic Games, including the 1996 games in Atlanta.  During that time international media documented his treatment of Dan O’Brien, who won the decathlon gold medal that year. O’Brien, who is prominent in The Aligned Athlete, says  “if it were not for chiropractic, I would not have won the gold medal.”  This is reinforced by Gold Medalist Justin Gatlin; "a chiropractor is the last person I see before going on the track." Gatlin notes that his 18 year career competing at the World Championships and Olympics in the 60m, 100m and 200m is directly attributable to having chiropractic care. He is the most decorated 100m sprinter of all time due to his high level of performance over an extended career.

The film shows elite athletes Wilt Chamberlain, Dwight Stones, Mary Decker Slaney, Justin Gatlin, Sam Kendricks, Omar McLeod, LaShawn Meritt, Dwight Phillips, Kristi Castlin, Aries Merritt being treated or competing after chiropractic care.

The Aligned Athlete shows how chiropractic is now a central part of athletics at every level of competition. While chiropractors treat prominent professional athletes in football, soccer, basketball, baseball and other sports, including everyone from Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Michael Phelps and Cristiano Ronaldo, track and field continues to be arguably the best example of showing how effective chiropractic treatment is on performance. As discussed in interviews throughout the film, chiropractic treatment results in track and field are measured in meters, inches, and seconds. Many athletes in the film discuss how chiropractic care allows them to compete at a world class level many years after others of the same age have retired.  More importantly, though, one can see how chiropractic can improve not only the health and life of athletes, but all people. It demonstrates how non-drug, non-surgical chiropractic treatment enhances performance even at the highest levels regardless of your sport, professional or personal goals.

Early reviews for The Aligned Athlete include the following:

“What you have done is of highest quality and the greatest story!”
-Dr. Dan Murphy DC, DABCO
University Professor & Research Expert 

“The most inspirational Chiropractic film I have ever seen.”
-Dr. Carlo Guadagno DC
ACA Sports Chiropractor of the Year 

“Exceptional job with the film. What a beautiful powerful message of possibility.”
-Dr. Gilles LaMarche DC
Vice President of Life University 

"The movie made me laugh, brought tears to my eyes, and shared our message so beautifully of improving human life and performance through the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic."
- Dr. Ron Oberstein DC,
President of Life Chiropractic College West

If you wish to own the film, it is available above in three separate formats: streaming, Blu Ray or DVD formats here.  Three day streaming rentals of the film, intended for athletes, coaches, or members of the public are available here.

FAQs about The Aligned Athlete

Contribute to the Film

The Aligned Athlete has been financed primarily by one doctor with a small number of generous donations by other doctors.  The low $35 purchase price of the film will not repay the costs of the film for several years, but is being set at that price to ensure doctors and members of the public can easily purchase or rent the film.  We are seeking donations for a few reasons:

  1. To pay for the costs of the film that was privately financed, and to compensate the time donated by the filmmaker;
  2. To enable international distribution. Licensing of the athletic footage contained in this documentary is exceptionally expensive, and limits where we can sell the film presently.  The rights for approximately two minutes of footage is $40,000 for the territories of the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  But, in order to pay for licensing of additional territories, we need additional funding. International licensing for the present sports footage will cost approximately $100,000.
  3. In order to make the film available to view for members of the public on an inexpensive rental basis, we need to have financial backing. We believe that keeping the price to $5.00 per rental is required to allow members of the public to watch the film.
  4. Funds to advertise clips of the film to athletes, coaches and members of the public to increase interest in drug-free health care internationally.

Supporting Future Development

There is some potential of expanding the film to meet or exceed the 60 minute length required for widespread distribution on a well adopted video streaming platform.  In order to maximize the societal reach of the film, we would need substantial funding to expand the project, which would require more interviews, editing work, additional athletic event footage licensing, music licensing, legal review and then distribution with one of the major streaming services.  If sales and donations exceed the cost of repaying the costs of the original film, the filmmaker may consider further development of the film.

Donate Money to Support The Aligned Athlete

The Aligned Athlete is distributed for Garden Way Productions and Number 30 Films through a cooperative deal with Trial Guides.  Trial Guides has no ownership interest in the film.